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About the Area

The trans-disciplinary field of strategy and strategic management is about sustained creation of economic value by firms and businesses. Often associated with CXO decisions, the field of strategy is at the heart of how companies respond to competitive and market changes leveraging the respective core competencies while creating an enduring competitive advantage.

The subject of strategy covers the traditional and contemporary debates on inter-relationships between corporate strategy and its interlinkages with business models, business & functional strategy, and operating strategy. It dispels the popular views on the dichotomy between strategy and execution and takes cognizance of the change around us in the form of new “blue oceans” – new markets, disruptive innovations and rapid convergence of industry segments and annihilation of industrial boundaries.


At IIM Kashipur, we view strategy as an integrative discipline that ties the knowledge of all management functions together- from HR, Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain, Operations, Manufacturing, etc. It views all management problems from strategic and general management perspective and dismisses the siloed view of business problems. The term ‘big picture’ is often associated with strategy to humbly recognize the complexity behind modern business problems that are result of complex interactions between people, processes, technology and future uncertainty and often require collaborative multidisciplinary view while devising an effective solution. Our courses reflect the same philosophy in pedagogy, course content and structure.

Current Courses
  • Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Simulation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Competitive Landscape & Competitive Regulation
  • Business Consulting