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Industry Interaction Committee


About Industry Interaction Committee

The Industry Interaction Committee (IIC) is committed to fostering and facilitating communication between academic institutions, business organizations, and students in order to create, maintain, and improve the corporate presence of the institute. By utilizing tools including guest lectures, live projects, conclaves, and other activities, IIC aims to close the gap between student expectations and those of the industry.


Dr Utkarsh

Chairperson – Placement and Corporate Relations

Dr Utkarsh

Placement Manager

Events Conducted

Annual Report 2022-23 Of Industry Interactrion Commitee 
  1. Guest Lectures: We accomplish our objectives by inviting business experts to provide guest lectures that end in engaging conversations on a variety of relevant themes. This year  conducted guest lectures in various domains like Finance, Marketing, Operations and HR through industry leaders from organizations like Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Latentview Analytics, Morgan Stanley, ITC, Stryker, Reckitt, Novo Nordisk, Vistara, to name a few.
  2. Live Projects: We also focus on providing live projects to the students of lIM Kashipur that gives them hands-on experience as to get the required industry sensitization before actually going out in the corporate world. This year IIC floated 120+ projects from prominent and international companies like Great Learning, Finlatics, ImpactGuru, Arbor Tutors, Insights & beyond, CUR8, RisingIndia, Altergo, Elite Corporate Solutions, to name a few.
  3. Conclaves: Moreover, IIC's role is not limited to guest lectures and live projects. The Industry Interaction Committee takes pride in hosting the following conclaves this academic year:
  • Vriddhi (Annual Finance Conclave)
  • Vishleshan (Annual Analytics Conclave)
  • Vilekh (Annual Operations Conclave)
  • International Women’s Day Conclave, “ADVIKA”

We had the opportunity to host eminent guests from leading companies like JP Morgan, Boeing, Seagate, Colgate-Palmolive, Michelin, IndusInd Bank, Oracle, to name a few for the conclaves.

Additionally,  the committee is on a constant lookout for various other opportunities that will benefit the students at IIM Kashipur and foster their capacity for both creative and critical thinking. Further, we work for setting up Mutually Beneficial Strategic Partnerships with companies looking for a Long Term Relationship with a growing Educational Institution like ours.