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Corporate Interactions

Corporate Interactions

Interaction with Industry expert: Ms. Usha Subramanian (Head- Graduate Hiring, Mphasis) On ‘Bridging the Skills Gap’



Head - Graduate Hiring and Technical learning,

Ms. Usha Subramanian (Head - Graduate Hiring and Technical learning, Mphasis) spent a day with the students of IIM Kashipur. She conducted a guest lecture covering the emerging trends in Talent Acquisition among IT companies.

Ms. Usha dons multiple hats at MphasiS. As the head of technical learning, she leads domain learning for multiple business units including the market units. Her team takes care of campus hiring and subsequent training of the graduates. She is also the head of HR Excellence and looks after HR policies, process governance and managing external and internal audits. Additionally, she is the HR CIO and manages system requirements from different HR functions.

Interacting with the students of IIM Kashipur, she reminisced about the start of her career in 1989 as an administrator in Birla Institute of Technology and Science and her emotional connection to the field of teaching. She spoke of the need to have a risk-taking attitude, and mentioned how she and her husband ventured into unknown territory by launching an internet-based start-up during the tumultuous time of 2001.

IIM Kashipur welcomed Mr. Wishwas Julka

Tata Technologies

Vice President - Global

Indian Institute of Management Kashipur was graced by the presence of Mr. Wishwas Julka, Vice President Global, Tata group Sales, Tata Technologies. Mr. Julka shared his experiences of Management in the field of Sales & Marketing with the students.