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About MBA

About MBA

About MBA

Welcome to the Master of Business Administration program at IIM Kashipur!

We have recently re-designed the first-year MBA core courses at IIM Kashipur to make them more relevant and more business-focussed. In the new design, a new emphasis has been placed on critical thinking and innovation. Students are now compelled to think out of the box. They are encouraged to come out of their comfort zones by design, through several courses. Besides, the new structure also takes into account one of the missions of IIM Kashipur- to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship. Another mission of IIM Kashipur of creating an ecosystem that supports societal development and regional aspirations is also being supported through the new Flexicore Experiential Learning courses. Students will actively contribute to the growth and development of the region where we are located under faculty guidance through the Flexicore courses. Hence, this new core course structure develops the students of IIM Kashipur to become better leaders in the new economy by making their training more contemporary. At the same time, this structure also makes them aware of the grass-root level problems in our society and why they should care about those issues.

The new design also supports several of the strategic plans of IIM Kashipur of promoting learning and practices in emerging areas of management (addition of business analytics, and introduction of experiential learning component). One crucial expectation in this new structure is that in every course, wherever possible, faculty talks about how the learnings of that course can relate to the realities of the Indian economy. Similarly, across all the courses, ethical ideas and communication skills also are incorporated whenever applicable.

A critical aspect of this new program structure is that convergence is being sought among academic pursuits, student activities, and placement realities. Synergy is expected among different activities being conducted through different functional areas, with potentially similar goals or anticipated results.  

In short, the new course design is intended to prepare students for navigating the new economy and transform them into visionary leaders. This revamped structure of core courses is expected to lead to a new set of electives which will be more suitable for the students venturing out into the new Indian economy.

Apart from the electives being currently offered, there is also a focus on developing a new set of electives. This new set of electives will focus more on the emerging issues in society and business and will be innovative and aspirational. Along with the electives and core courses, students will also be allowed to take courses of independent studies (CIS) as before.

We welcome prospective candidates, faculty and recruiters to interact with us so that we can understand their needs better and also continually improve the offerings by IIM Kashipur MBA program.