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Wellness Facilities

Wellness Facilities

About Wellness Coordinators

At IIM Kashipur we have Wellness Coordinators, responsible for the physical & mental health to ensure the well-being of the students. Our function is to act as a facilitator between medical facilities available on and off the campus and the students.

Inside the campus, we have a doctor visiting 6 days a week. We have a pharmacist and a paramedic available 24X7. For the mental well-being of the students, we have a tie-up with online counselor  YourDost, to discuss issues such as how to relieve stress, how to manage time, etc.  In case of emergency, we have a night ambulance on campus and we also have a tie-up with a few hospitals, which are at our service 24X7.

All the students at IIM Kashipur are medically insured. Hence any treatment at the hospital is borne by the insurer.

Facilities Description
  • Ambulance: There is on campus ambulance available during night time 7 pm- 7 am. We also have on-call ambulance during daytime
  • Pharmacy: We have a pharmacy which operates on a daily basis in evening hours
  • Medical assistants: We have medical assistants present 24*7 on campus to attend to any medical emergency, act as a first response team
  • Doctor: We have a highly experienced doctor who is available 4:30 PM-5:30 PM daily and on-call in case of any emergency
  • Dressing: Our medical assistants are highly experienced and are capable in case of all type of first aid and dressing related issues
Wellness Coordinators
  • The Wellness Coordinators of IIM Kashipur hosted the First edition of Casathon 1.0 – National Level Case Study Competition, as part of the Institute’s Annual Management Fest Agnitraya'21, through which we challenge the participants to come up with the most feasible solutions of the given business problem in a short deadline to test the capability of the participants to perform under pressure as it is said that A Wild person with the calm mind can make Anything.
  • Vaccination drive: A vaccination drive was conducted for Students and Faculties to vaccinate them with Typhoid, Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B vaccines.
Wellness Facilities