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About Management Development Programmes

About Management Development Programmes

Executive education, aimed at enhancing competencies amongst managers and executives working at different levels, is an important constituent of the offerings at IIM Kashipur. These Management development programs(MDPs) are structured keeping in mind the changing global business environment and international standards which help in developing the skills and competencies of the participants. Our programs are designed for Specialised areas like business policy, finance, accounting, organisational behaviour, marketing, industrial and personal relations, quantitative and production methods, information systems and computers, health, public systems, agriculture and education.

We offer two types of MDPs:

Open MDPs:

These programmes are in the nature of 'open-enrolment' courses, usually 2-5 days in duration with participation open to all practicing/experienced managers and/or executives.

Customised MDPs:

We also offer exclusive custom-designed programmes, to address specific Executive Learning and/or Corporate Training mandates from individual organisations. Under this format, courses are designed in collaboration with the client organisation, and scheduled at a mutually convenient date and venue. Such programmes can be domain-specific as in Sales & Marketing, Operations, Finance, Strategy, Leadership, etc. or inter-disciplinary, involving an optimal mix of multiple functional areas.