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Call For Chapters

Call For Chapters

Call For Chapters

Book On Gender Stereotyping In Campus Placement: An Industry-academia Perspective

Please note that the Call for Chapters for the book - Gender Stereotyping in Campus Placement: An Industry-Academia Perspective is now open. We are seeking individual or co-authored submissions of chapters for publication. Participants are invited to submit full papers by 20th July 2019. Preliminary submission of abstracts is not required. Further details for the book volume are given below.

Book On Gender Stereotyping In Campus Placement: An Industry-academia Perspective

The issue of gender differences and gender stereotyping play an important role in career counselling, choices, and placement processes in professional institutes. An urge to simplify the social reality tends to create gender stereotypes which deliver two consequences:

(a) A simplified version of complex reality,

(b) A resistance to change reinforced by a series of cognitive, behavioural, and linguistic mechanisms.

These tendencies result in misinterpretation of social reality. Beliefs formed on the basis of the attitude of simplification accentuate the association between particular professional categories and gender. In other words, certain professions are considered appropriate for female professionals and certain others are regarded as good for their male counterparts. It is generally assumed that that gender stereotypes diminish when academic excellence is given primary importance in our premier institutions like Indian Institutes of Management (IIM). Against this backdrop the upcoming volume intends to collect and present a book with following Sub-themes

1. Gender stereotypes and recruiters (Industry)

2. Career preferences in campus placements

3. Gender bias in occupations/professions.

4. Industry and academia collaboration in reducing gender stereotyping in campus placement processes

Target Audience

The book is targeted to be suitable for: policy makers, academicians, researchers, advance-level students, Industrialists, HR committees, placement makers, educators working with civil society and education institutions and government officials. They will find this book useful in furthering their research and exposure to pertinent topics related to gender. The book will elaborate on the contemporary situation related to gender disparity at all levels and will help in creating awareness among different groups.

In addition, it can serve as a reference book for research and supplementary reading for students of Gender studies, Communications, Sociology and Humanities. The expected audience will use this book as a reference for comparative education as well as to learn more about new trends of employment and industry based environment.

Guidelines and Thematic Sections

Gender is the social structuring of ideas that define expectations, values, images, behaviors, belief systems and roles of society from men and women. Different cultures have different ideas about gender, what is appropriate for women and men, and what needs to happen. Gender does not only differ from culture to culture, it can change over time or during the crisis of a society. The idea shifts to different parameters when discussed under industrial heads, choice and scale of profession.Gender stereotypes are frequently found in Academics and Industry. Gender patterns are frequently encountered in employment sector, management stream, and technical sections, posts related to management, leadership and human resources. There are slight studies available in literature, statistical surveys about the representation of gender at industry academia perspective. However, this study considers the industry-academia as a whole and will provide a statistical output within the academic world and industrial environment, thereby generating awareness among different age groups.

We welcome empirical papers (qualitative or quantitative), theoretical discussions, comparative analyses, and in-depth case studies. Topics for submission may fall under the following thematic divisions, but are not limited to the same:

  • Hiring/Employment Policy
  • Gender Studies in Education
  • Role of NGO’s in spreading awareness of existing policies
  • Reforms in Employment strategies and policies
  • Workplace hindrance
  • Educating workplace employers
  • Post 2015 Policy Development

Submission Procedure

Authors may submit a chapter capturing the theme of the book title, preferably falling under one of the mentioned thematic divisions. CoE-PPG, Indian Institute of Management Kashipur shall publish this book by a reputed publisher with an ISBN Number.

Deadline of Submission

  • Full chapters are expected to be submitted by 20th July, 2019. All submitted chapters will be reviewed on a double-blind peer review basis.

  • Full chapters should be emailed at: gender[at]iimkashipur[dot]ac[dot]in   with the subject head reading as “Chapter Proposal for Gender Stereotyping In Campus Placement: An Industry-Academia Perspective”

Word Limit and Chapter Format

  • The chapter’s length should be not less than 6000 words and not more than 9000 words with minimal use of tables, graphs, figures or pictures.
  • The authors are required to send a short biographical sketch (less than 250 words) about themselves to the editor.
  • The chapter may be an individual submission or a co-authored submission.
  • Font used should be Times New Roman and font size 12pt with 1.15pt line spacing.
  • The chapters should follow MLA 8th ed. style of referencing.

Notification for acceptance

  • Authors of accepted chapters will be   notified   by   31st July 2019, regarding   the acceptance of their chapters. 
  • Manuscripts must be submitted in word format.

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Or can be mailed at the address below:

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