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Prof. Vaibhav Bhamoriya is a fellow of the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad. His total experience of almost a decade spans more than six years of teaching experience at IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Indore apart from non-profit international research experience with IWMI and corporate manufacturing experience at Saurashtra Cements Limited. He has taught various courses such as Mirco-Economics. Economics of the Rural Urban Divide, Agricultural Entrepreneurship, Unlocking Rural Potential, Rural Marketing, Agricultural Input Marketing, Agricultural Warehouse Management, Agricultural Finance, Project Management. His course titled “Managing Sustainability” developed and co-taught with Prof. Turaga Rama Mohan at IIMA received a Global mention for the Page Prize in Sustainability Curricula.

His research has involved studies of various grassroots and other institutions, adaptiveness and agribusiness with a special focus on agri-entrepreneurship. His research pursuit is to integrate sustainability, livelihoods and entrepreneurship for the development of the nation and poor masses across the globe. His work has been published in various fora including peer reviewed journals, industry and international expert reports and also popular outreach et cetera. He has pioneered at looking at adaptiveness in grassroots institutions and also in studying entrepreneurship in irrigation in India. He also has in-depth expertise in rural marketing and marketing of rural products. He is currently involved in a research project that seeks to establish solar irrigation pumps in rural India with CSR funding from BHEL. He has also authored cases on BoP and Rural Markets.

He has consulted with World Bank. IRFT, UNDP, Government of India and Godrej Agrovet, FCI and NABARD among other organizations. He is an academic advisory board member for the WeSchool program on emerging Economies and also an advisor for Kaushalya Foundation.

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Number Name Quarter
1 Managerial Economics Term I
2 Agricutlural Entrepreneurship Term VI

Chairperson - Accreditation & Institutional Review