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Student Exchange Programme

Student Exchange Programme

Student Exchange Programme

To develop academic and cultural interchanges through mutual assistance in the areas of education and research, IIM Kashipur reinforces its cooperative relations with its ever-increasing partner institutions. IIM Kashipur and its esteemed partners, in a Memorandum of Understanding, decided to cooperate in areas including the programs offered at their institutions through activities or programs relating to business education of the following types:

  • Short-term Exchange of Students;
  • Exchange of Faculty; and
  • Development of Joint Research Activities

The following are the partners of IIM Kashipur:

  1. Alba Graduate Business School
  2. ESDES School of Business and Management
  3. Coller School of Management
  4. Turiba University
  5. Universidad de Lima
  6. Solbridge International School of Business
  7. Linnaeus University
  8. Soochow University
  9. International Centre for Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE), Slovenia
  10. CTBC Business School
  11. Autonomous University of Madrid
  12. Brunel University
  13. Syracuse University

In the flagship student exchange program, students from IIM Kashipur can complete their one trimester in one of the partner university. It aims to send the best of students to its partner institutes, where students are evaluated on several parameters before getting nominated. Also, IIM Kashipur hosts exchange students from its partner institutes, which is culturally and academically immersive program.

We also encourage short term exchange program (typically ranges from a week or two) from our partner institutes, which is a bespoke program. IIM Kashipur aims to become an institute of international excellence in the upcoming years. In the journey, it aims to expand its presence via collaborations with prominent institutes around the world. Every collaboration with IIM Kashipur strives to generate value for the students and more importantly society at large.