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This initiative presently focuses on its flagship MBA programme, with the plans to involve its Doctoral Student base soon in the near future. For the MBA programme, Experiential Learning has been introduced as a mandatory course that spans for the entire two years. Most significant engagement emerges in the second year of the curriculum, where MBA students spend the entire year working with organizations on developmental agenda along with fieldwork. These agenda have been thematized across the described verticals. Entire MBA batch gets fragmented into finite student groups to address diverse yearlong projects. For example, in the present academic year (2023-2024), EL is catering 55 unique projects by engaging 231 MBA students and numerous partner organizations.

Stakeholders involved
  • EL Faculty Supervisory Team
  • Partner Organisations
  • EL Cell – Student coordinator team and managers

  • Work with the organization and fulfil the outlined project goals.
  • Embark on fieldwork.
  • Drafting Report to the Partner Organization and EL IIM Kashipur.
  • Final presentation, open discourse, and best project award.