Internal Complaints Committee

In pursuance of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013 and the Rules, the Gender Sensitisation and Prevention of Sexual Harassment (CGSAPSH), cell has been constituted to deal with complaints of Sexual Harassment. The present policy has been formulated to lay down principles for the composition, role and functioning of the CGSAPSH. These principles are in accordance with the 2013 Act, but not limited to it, provided that there is no contravention of the said Act.

To  fulfil  the  object  and  Directives  of  the  Hon’ble  Supreme  Court  enjoining  the Employers/  Authorities  to  provide  elimination  and  protection  to  working  women against inequality and gender bias and acts of sexual harassment in the work place and in the course of service and study. 

Name Designation Email ID Contact No.
Prof. Devjani Chatterjee Presiding Officer iccchairperson[at]iimkashipur[dot]ac[dot]in 8191802312
Prof. Madhurima Deb Member madhurima[dot]deb[at]imkashipur[dot]ac[dot]in 8006405774
Prof. Kunal Ganguly Member kunal[dot]ganguly[at]iimkashipur[dot]ac[dot]in 9761392688
Prof. Mridul Maheshwari Member kumkum[dot]bharti[at]iimkashipur[dot]ac[dot]in 9427109902
Ms. Rachana Sharma Member rachana[dot]sharma[at]iimkashipur[dot]ac[dot]in 7533909174
Mr. Mohammad Armaan Member armaan[dot]mba19250[at]iimkashipur[dot]ac[dot]in 7824899940
Ms. Sangeeta Agarwal Member sangeeta[dot]mba19142[at]iimkashipur[dot]ac[dot]in 9761199690
Mr. Abhishek Yadav Member abhishek[dot]fpm1801[at]iimkashipur[dot]ac[dot]in 8851363502
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For any complaints please mail iccchairperson[at]