Students' Committees

As the apex student body, the Student Council integrates the academic, and co-curricular spheres of students' lives, linking the out-of-class experience to the academic mission of the Institute and incorporating student's intellectual, public service, and leadership interests with their future aspirations.

It collaborate with students, faculty, administrators, and other partners both inside and outside of the IIM Kashipur community to ease and complement the quality of life and learning for students. In addition, it creates opportunities for students to learn through active participation and reflection where they can:

  • Develop as responsible leaders and as active participants in non-leadership roles
  • Apply knowledge in creative ways
  • Experiment with new ideas, identities, and skills
  • Engage with colleagues and cultivate appreciation for diversity
  • Serve society to work for the betterment of our global community

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  • Academic Committee

The academic committee is a vital link between the student body and the faculty at IIM Kashipur. The most significant function of the committee is to suggest and contribute to all academic issues raised in the community and to bring new relevant issues to the community. The main focus ultimately is to act as a medium of communication between the student body and the faculty. The agenda here is to always keep students aware of their academic standing and reducing blind-spots. Academic committee takes up the responsibility of imbibing best practices so that our future batches can have the same or better system in place. The academic committee also deals with conducting open houses for the regular interaction between faculty and students. Academic committee also holds the responsibility for practices like holding academic award functions to honor students for academic excellence.

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  • Alumni Relations Committee | ARC

With the intent of connecting the students & ex-students of our institute spread across different batches, chapters and locations, the Alumni Relations Committee (ARC) of IIM Kashipur was established in 2013, after the convocation of our very first batch!

With the formation of IIM Kashipur Alumni Relations Committee, we have introduced a platform for the alumni to inform, interact and get involved in the events and happenings that are taking place at our institute.

Through this page, we wish to strengthen the relationships between alumni, students, faculty, and staff by spreading awareness and encouraged participation in the affairs of the institute. By engaging alumni, we wish to enhance communication, involvement, and support for one of the youngest IIM, while providing a mutually beneficial relationship with the alumni.

Under the chairpersonship and mentoring of Prof.Barnali Nag, members of the Alumni Relations Committee aim to maintain close ties with the alumni of the institute, and to promote interaction between alumni and institute on matters of mutual benefit and concern.

As a part of our efforts to achieve our objectives, we have organized our first Alumni meet to be held in February 2014 and perennially thereafter.

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  • Corporate Relations Cell | CRC

The Corporate Relations Cell (CRC) is the official link between IIM Kashipur and the corporate world for all non-placement activities. CRC facilitates student interaction with the industry by opening up channels for communication. The cell aspires to invite industry leaders under its guest lecture series CONFERENCIA that culminates in interesting discussions between the students and magnates across a range of business topics. It has successfully invited industry veterans like Mr Anand Sinha (Deputy Governor, RBI), Mr Saurabh Bhatt (MD, Yes Bank), Mr Prasanna Krishnan (COO, NEO sports), Mr Nikhil Mehta (Executive Director, Nomura) among many others. CRC has also initiated the series, “ROAD TO INDUSTRIAL EXCELLENCE” where students are given a chance to visit the manufacturing plants. Recently plant visit to Nestle, Titan, Mahindra & Tata Motors were organized. The cell with cooperation from other clubs and cells organizes various corporate events of IIM Kashipur. CRC also endeavours to augment the classroom learning of the students by bringing to table various live project opportunities.

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  • Cultural Committee

Cultural diversity is something which is one of the most prized and cherished attributes of IIM Kashipur as an institution. Assimilating cultural aspects from every stratum to the mainstream not only adds colour to the lives of the participants but also engages them into a vibrant assortment of festivals ranging from Janmashtami to Onam and thereby ornamenting the hostel life. To this view the Cultural Committee strives to inculcate observance of as many festivals as are possible as a part of the IIM Kashipur culture.

In addition to that, the expression of core Indian art forms which is being promoted by the Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Indian Youth (often know as SPIC MACAY) actively collaborates with the Institute to host events on a regular basis. The first student chapter of SPIC MACAY in the city was enshrined within the realms of IIM Kashipur patronised by the Director Mr Gautam Sinha, an avid art lover himself. The inaugural event witnessed captivating performance by Ms MonisaNayak, a Kathak dancer of worldwide acclaim. Carrying it forward the student chapter formalised with the sobriquet ‘Alankar’ has been actively inviting maestros of various art forms to the institute to ensure that art being the catalyst of life it is, is soaked into the lives of the participants.

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  • MPRC | Media and Public Relation Committee

The media and public relation committee acts as a liaison between the institute and the outer world which includes the digital as well as the traditional media. It promotes the institute in the media as well as manages its brand positioning. Along with being the media interface of all the events and activities of the institute, MPRC also frames a well-defined strategy for marketing them .All the communication regarding the external events and activities and participation from the institute in the same also falls under the purview of the committee. Recognizing the responsibility all of us have as being a part of the society, the committee also conducts various social responsibility events.

MPRC is also responsible for all kinds of interaction with the new batch every year before the commencement of the first trimester which includes helping them with the queries they have regarding the institute prior to their coming and induction program after coming. The institute’s official T-shirts, dresses or any other merchandise also comes under the realm of the committee.

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  • Mess Committee

Mess Committee ​at IIM Kashipur is a​ student run body which works as a​ small organization in itself.​ The committee is exposed to the most​ dynamic, competent and complex​ environment where boundary spanning​ on a daily basis is absolutely essential​ just to maintain the status quo.​ ​It is a big responsibility as well as an​ opportunity for students to be a part of​ Mess Committee.​ While running the operations of the two​ mess facilities which cater to 250​ students + faculties across three​ hostels on daily basis, students get the opportunity to apply the learnings they​ study in the MBA curriculum.​ Pro-activeness, owning tasks and​ completing it within the timeline have​ been the trademarks of Mess Committee.​

  • Infrastructure and IT committee:

The Infrastructure & IT Committee provides for safe and standard hostel facilities with Wi-Fi enabled student rooms and common rooms. Handles room allocation and maintenance of facilities across all hostels. The common room facilities are allocated using the automated room allocation system. We also ensure state-of-art Wi-Fi network for the students on the move.

The committee holds periodic meetings to assess the Infra issues and needs. And coordinate with the college administration for immediate resolution of these issues.

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  • Sports Committee

The sports committee of IIM Kashipur ensures that the best brains stay fit and healthy and also enhances team spirit, which managers take pride in. Inspite of being one of the youngest IIMs, we have state of the art infrastructure and resources. Right after the classes, the most energetic ones take to basketball and football while the rest find themselves lured towards badminton and table tennis. After all the assignments and case submissions, how amazing it is to call it a day by playing volley at 3 am in the morning and rushing to the canteen immediately to rehydrate yourself. And every weekend, a cricket match between seniors and juniors is the greatest shot of adrenaline one can hope to drain out the physical stress out of the strained janta.

The sports committee organizes the Kashipur premier League [Table Tennis] where students can own a team, buy a team and be a part of the team thus giving the students an essence of entrepreneurship. Involvement of real money brings out the real Ambanis and Shettys out of the students. The Badminton League has already started and everyone on the campus is eagerly waiting for the intra college sports fest this February. Equally thrilling is the LANATHON - the LAN gaming competition which enthrals the geeks and the freaks of the campus.

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