Student's Clubs

Can’t Stop Reading is the Literary Club of IIM Kashipur. Started with the idea of uniting all literary enthusiasts, the club provides an ideal platform for all book lovers, story-tellers, poets, writers, bloggers, etc. at IIM Kashipur to come together and exchange their ideas on a common ground. It also provides an opportunity to showcase your love for books by the way of literary quizzes, book reviews, etc. The club also promotes the culture of reading in students through an online and an offline library that thrives on books shared by students. The club also plans to hold a week-long literary fest which could see some guest speakers comprising of some eminent, young authors gracing the occasion.

The club has taken the responsibility of conducting the TEDx event at IIM Kashipur. It also plans to bring out the first ever students’ yearbook of IIM Kashipur for the PGP 2012-14 batch. With some active members regularly involved, the club meets every fortnight to hold a session. Some of the activities include discussion on books – both classics as well as the new ones, literary quizzes, book reviews, poetry recital, story – telling, JAM session, blogging, etc.

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  • CONSILIUM | Consulting & Strategy Club

The mission of Consilium is to create and maintain a strong and lasting relationship with Organizations, B Schools and Indian MBA students community, in order to assist participants to explore knowledge in consulting and to help them effectively prepare for a career in Consulting.

Live Projects

The club strives to engage students in real consulting problems to provide them an opportunity to confront challenges and develop proficient solutions by collaborating with industry and faculty through industry live projects.

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  • Cycling Club

Primary goals:

1. To appreciate and promote fitness through cycling in our daily life
2. To promote the idea of sustainable planet by using bicycles in our daily life
3. To promote the idea of safety of wildlife, birds, jungles and environment
4. To promote adventurous and meaningful lifeĀ 

Some of the benefits that our institute could receive are --

1. Visibility and positive perception for this institute among the local people of this region
2. Distinctive image among premier MBA institutes, especially IIMs
3. Inspiration for a holistic life - adventurous, fulfilling, non-monotonous one
4. Attracting those students who have a broader and rich perspective about their career/life

Cycling Club Official Facebook Page

If you need any more information regarding Cycling Club, mail us the list of things needed.


  • EVOLVE | Entrepreneurship Cell

Entrepreneurship Cell at IIM Kashipur, Evolve, is a non-profit organization with a vision to instil entrepreneurial mind set in people. It aims to drive ideas towards innovation and then eventually into practice. It serves as a resource and a network for students desiring to explore the facets of a start- up environment.

It fosters and nourishes entrepreneurial culture which encourages our students to develop innovative ideas.  We promote ideas through speaker sessions, games, competitions, live projects, etc. for students in a sustainable eco-system. It aims to build a platform for interaction between the aspiring and pioneering entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship has a unique shade in a post- graduation school, where one can have easily available mentors, wild vacillating ideas with long debates and cheap labour. Evolve has had first-hand experience of running a successful fast food business within the campus. Our members are presently exhibiting their entrepreneurial skills through various profit making ventures.

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Taking the responsibility of giving a fillip to the financial acumen of students ahead of the curriculum, the finance club of IIM Kashipur engages the batch with information sessions, events and innovative activities at regular intervals.

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  • FIST OF FURY | Taekwondo Club

The students at IIM Kashipur are enhancing their experience by not only learning about business administration but also by enriching their experience through learning Taekwondo. Under the amazing pedagogy of our teacher who also train national level Taekwondo players, we at IIM Kashipur receive quality instruction and service with a view towards the overall health and wellbeing of our students.
The motto of our learning this amazing practise is to ensure the safety and wellness of IIM Kashipur students. Taekwondo provides personal growth, boosts confidence, develops discipline, teaches self- defence and also strengthens mind and body. It thus provides a gateway to a healthy lifestyle.
Fist of Fury Club is especially constructed for all the martial arts lovers. It is compulsory for girls because IIM Kashipur believes in providing its female students, the strength and the ability to stand/ defend themselves. It takes place twice a week for both men as well as for women. The rigorous training is provided in the morning to have a healthy kick- start.

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  • HRhythm | HR Club

HR Club aims to create a sustainable and inclusive environment for overall growth and development of IIM Kashipur students and broader community as a whole. It keeps itself abreast with all the contemporary issues related to HR by sharing knowledge and ideas. It supports learning-centred mission of the institute by adding new dimensions to gain knowledge and by providing opportunities to learn and grow.

HR Club strives to balance the needs of industry and academia.  HR Club is dedicated to foster an environment of continuous learning and improvement.

  • OSM | Operations Club

The Operations and Supply Management (OSM) club at Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur is a student-run professional business club that works in the fields of operations management, production, operation research, supply chain and related areas.
The “OSM Club” associates with numerous elite corporate personalities in the field of Operations to guide the students and make them acquainted with key skills demanded by industry. The club conducts focused weekly interactions on various industries during which the students get an opportunity to explore and share their knowledge about that particular industry from scratch covering important details one would need as the manager. The Industry Week also focuses on various job spheres and profiles offered by that industry.
The club has designed and developed a “Wall”: a platform where students get to update various views, news, concepts, info-graphics and articles related to the latest happenings in the fields of Operations and SCM. The club organizes quizzes, simulation games and case study competitions that invite students from top B-schools around the globe to match their skills and find solutions to some of the most complex business problems today.
 The club acts as a forum for students to gain hands-on experience through numerous research papers and live project initiatives available in more than 180 industries in and around IIM Kashipur.

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  • OnYourMark | Marketing Club

The purpose of our Club is to provide a medium for the interaction of all those interested in Marketing. The Club strives to go one step beyond the classroom in terms of learning what Marketing really constitutes by organizing speakers, field trips, and social interaction between students and faculty.
We firmly believe that a sound business education is an ideal mix of a world class curriculum and practical learning opportunities. As such, OnYourMark club strives to create opportunities for members to learn by doing.

The Club is designed to bring marketing majors together in a social setting, to create an environment to foster long-term marketing relationships.

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  • MStore

MStore is the official Merchandise Store of IIM Kashipur. Started as a subsidiary of OnYourMark, MStore today functions as a club on its own. It is fully run by students. MStore is responsible for procuring the official IIM Kashipur - branded merchandise for the students, faculty and staff of IIM Kashipur. In its 2 years of operation, the Store has come with various offerings like T-shirts, winter hoodies, winter caps, coffee mugs and so on. In the future, the Store has plans to go online and function as a e-commerce portal for IIM Kashipur merchandise.

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  • Magazine Committee

The Mag Crew is the official Editorial team of IIM Kashipur’s Annual Magazine. The Crew is made up of multi-talented students from both the PGP batches. The Crew functions independently by taking in articles, poems, comics, and other contribution from the students as well as the faculty of IIM Kashipur in the process of creating the magazine. The Crew not just restricts itself to editing the articles, but goes beyond that by designing the entire magazine. The members of the crew take in ideas from various quarters and some of their activities include looking for interesting stories in the nearby locality, interviewing personalities in the vicinity and bringing them to light by highlighting their achievements, interviewing personalities from the world of Corporate, etc., apart from writing, editing and designing. The magazine is an ideal mix of articles- technical and non-technical, info graphics, memes, comics, poems, etc. and it is circulated among the students, faculty, alumni, corporate heads, etc.

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  • Marathon Organizing Team:

The Kashipur Marathon continues with its legacy of expressing a grave need for safety and security of women in the Indian society. The theme for marathon expresses itself as “A run for Safety and Dignity of women”. Through this event the family of Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur expresses the need for spreading awareness for women safety, dignity and equality in the society. This also motivates the youth to act for welfare of the society.

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The Motion Picture club is a student initiative here at IIM Kashipur. Students desire a break from the monotony of the MBA life and what better way is there to unwind then to occasionally watch a movie with your peers.
The club intends to show movies in the hostel 1 classroom/ Auditorium at the convenience of the students. Kashipur has a solitary multiplex that does not show any English or other regional language films and this would be an opportunity for the students to experience the films they want to see in a theatre.

The club intends to show classics of days gone by and recent acclaimed films that might have passed by unnoticed. We also intend to show documentaries and telecast sporting or other events.
The Motion Picture Club also intends to host activities – like quizzes, video making events and other workshops – and will have its own website where people can post their movie reviews and comments (which will be moderated).

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Photography Club, IIM Kashipur is here to give wings to your passion of shooting. The Club is your meeting place on everything related to photography and facilitates sharpening of your shooting skills.  The club would provide you with opportunities to go on planned shoot on a wide range of topics.
It does not matter whether you are an amateur or a seasoned professional, whether you have a compact point and shoot camera or a professional DSLR, we help each other and learn from each other.
We organize workshops on photography techniques and on cinematography by seasoned trainers in the business. Hold contest for students on themes and support the students from our college entering external contests.

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  • Quest | The quiz Club

The purpose of this club is to explore the world around us and the many exciting, intriguing and little known facts about it. This is achieved through a series of quizzes conducted twice or thrice a month. Following an open format, any student can volunteer to host a quiz and membership is open to all. Because knowledge is to be shared. The more we share, the more we learn. 

  • Parivartan| The Centre For Integrated Development

"Parivartan" is an initiative by the students of IIM Kashipur, where they aim to contribute to the society in a meaningful manner by utilizing their managerial expertise and skills.

"Parivartan" is committed to forging ties with NGOs, voluntary non-profit organizations, and government institutions and corporate. It will take initiatives in coordination with these organizations to bring some meaningful change in the society by working on three verticals i.e. Education, Health and Environment

  • Community Radio Station

After relentless persuasion and inspired efforts on many quarters, IIM Kashipur is proud to have a Community Radio Station. We are the first IIM to have its own radio station. We will organize various training programs supported by Govt of India and UN agencies in coming months.

In the long run, we are envisaging a stream of skill training, research and media management MDPs to flow from the CRS activities under our proposed Media Lab and within the CoE-PPG activities. CRS is a very vibrant movement in South Asia and Indian CRS attracts global attention within Communication & Media domain

  • Spic Macay Chapter | IIM Kashipur

SPIC MACAY is a voluntary movement that seeks to conserve and promote an awareness of our rich and heterogeneous cultural tapestry amongst the youth of this country through focus on the classical arts.

On December 25, 2013, IIM Kashipur saw the inception of its own SPICMACAY chapter and on 26th January 2014, the chapter successfully organized a cultural extravaganza with three renowned artists, including Pt. BhajanSopori the acclaimed Santoor player adorning the stage. Thanks to the Director's patronage it was third occasion on which the institute witnessed a SPICMACAY event, a practice which began before the inception of the chapter. The artists who performed earlier were MonisaNayak (kathak) and Kamal Sabri (Sarangi).

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