Student Welfare Fund

  • Preamble
IIM Kashipur recognizes that many students who join it various programs do not come from financially sound backgrounds. Even in the best of circumstances, students take loans to fund their education. Students belonging to SC/ST and similar others do get financial support under government schemes. The Institute is also putting in place Merit-cum-Means scholarships.

While these are all helpful mechanisms, there will always be times when students will be faced with unforeseen or distress situations, like health, accidents, and family issues. Financial hardship during such crises situation is likely to impact negatively not only on their studies, but careers as well.

  • Objective
IIM Kashipur therefore proposes to set up a Student Welfare Fund to address such out-of-ordinary situations.

  • Components
  1. The Fund will have two components: grant and loan.
  2. Depending on the nature, magnitude and quantum of problem faced by the student, she/he could receive either a full grant, or loan or a combination thereof.

  • Eligibility
  1. All students pursuing any on-going program, other than EPGPM, are eligible for benefits under this Fund.
  2. No restriction will apply on eligibility arising out of receipt of any scholarship.

  • Administration
  1. Affected student will apply on prescribed proforma. The proforma will seek information on nature of problem faced by the student, and the nature and quantum of financial assistance required.
  2. A Standing Committee of at least four members will scrutinize each request, seek evidence if required, and make necessary recommendations to the Director if funds are to be disbursed.
  3. Standing Committee members will comprise of the following:
    • Warden
    • Chair/Co-Chair, Student Affairs
    • Chair, PGP
    • Chair, Doctoral Program
    • Dean, Academics
    • Dean, Planning & Development
    • Financial Adviser & CAO
    • Chief Administrative Officer
  4. No lower or upper limit is prescribed for quantum of grant, loan or a combination thereof. Standing Committee members will base their judgment, including conditionalities, purely on the merits and exigencies of each application, and availability of funds.

  • Sources of Fund
IIM Kashipur envisages two sources of funds: internal and external. It will set earmark a sum of Rs.Ten lacs and will also solicit funding support from individuals, philanthropic societies and body corporates. In times to come, the Institute envisages support from its alumni as well.