Mess Committee

Mess Committee of IIM Kashipur is responsible for providing best and healthy food to the students. We are an independent, not for profit organisation that caters to the need of 400plus stakeholders, students, faculty, officials throughout the year. The present mess infrastructure includes completely air conditioned seating facility and a calm ambience overlooking the vibrant campus that presents a refreshing experience for everybody.
The Committee takes utmost care to incorporate the preference of every student, as much as possible, while deciding and planning the menu. Arrangement for special food/facilities for students during their fasts and festivals is done by the mess on every festive occasion. Being proactive is extremely important in the face of dynamic and ever changing environment the Committee has to operate in. Each member is given a responsibility to look after one of the various work profiles like procurement, finance, HR and general management for the Mess. 

The mess is run by students who get an all-round exposure of running an organisation with an in-house inventory management, sourcing, budgeting, financing and HR management division making the team competent of handling an actual business while meeting the target of timely operation every day, every meal, all-round the year, so that all students are served nutritious meals to help them cope with the rigour at IIM Kashipur, each and every activity concerned with food, right from deciding menu to managing staff, is handled by the Student members.
The mess committee has a dedicated line-up of experienced cooks, trusted vendor management system, proper procurement channels with extensive quality checks imbibed within the value chain to make sure that the end result is top quality, tasty and timely delivery of food every time. In the process, the members learn valuable management lessons like punctuality, quick decision making, flexibility, inventory management, people and resource management, cost controlling to name a few. Thus we live by our Institute's motto of 'Learning by Doing'!
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