Media and Public Relation Committee

The Media and Public Relations Committee of IIM Kashipur is responsible for the image, the sound and the brand IIM Kashipur creates in our nation. From handling media coverage of the campus activities to ensuring visibility of IIM Kashipur all over the web, the vibrant pictures of our campus to the blog posts, MPRC does it all.
It acts as a liaison between the institute and the outer world, which includes the digital as well as the traditional media. Along with being the media interface of all the events and activities of the institute, MPRC also frames a well-defined strategy for marketing them.All the communication regarding the external events, activities, and participation from the institute in the same also falls under the purview of the committee. Recognizing the responsibility all of us have as being a part of the society, the committee also conducts various social responsibility events.
MPRC is also responsible for all kinds of interaction with the new batch every year before the commencement of the first trimester, which includes helping them with the queries they have regarding the institute prior to their coming and induction program after coming.