Infrastructure and IT Committee

The committee acts as a liaison between students and college administration for any infrastructure or IT related issues. It is responsible for providing safe, hygienic and standard hostel facilities for all the students. The committee sees to the allocation and maintenance of infrastructural facilities in the hostel premises. As a major initiative, the committee has automated routine jobs like allocation of meeting room, reporting of issues among many others. The committee ensures the availability and maintenance of IT facilities like computer labs, Bloomberg Terminals, smooth internet connectivity among many others. It also works with other student bodies to ensure that the institute website content gets regularly updated. The committee also takes care of regular infrastructure maintenance activities. It is also responsible for allocation and maintenance of college IT services like email service, incident management tool and ensures that proper etiquettes are followed as per college rules and regulations. The committee holds regular meetings with students as well as college administration to assess the infrastructural issues and needs and coordinate with administration to ensure flawless functioning of infrastructure and IT facilities. 
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