Cultural Committee

Cultural diversity is something which is one of the most prized and cherished attributes of IIM Kashipur as an institution. Assimilating cultural aspects from every stratum to the mainstream not only adds colour to the lives of the participants but also engages them into a vibrant assortment of festivals ranging from Janmashtami to Onam and thereby ornamenting the hostel life. To this view the Cultural Committee strives to inculcate observance of as many festivals as are possible as a part of the IIM Kashipur culture.

In addition to that, the expression of core Indian art forms which is being promoted by the Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Indian Youth (often know as SPIC MACAY) actively collaborates with the Institute to host events on a regular basis. The first student chapter of SPIC MACAY in the city was enshrined within the realms of IIM Kashipur patronised by the Director Mr Gautam Sinha, an avid art lover himself. The inaugural event witnessed captivating performance by Ms MonisaNayak, a Kathak dancer of worldwide acclaim. Carrying it forward the student chapter formalised with the sobriquet ‘Alankar’ has been actively inviting maestros of various art forms to the institute to ensure that art being the catalyst of life it is, is soaked into the lives of the participants.

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