Cultural Committee

Cultural diversity and propensity towards cultural endeavours fosters not only a complete learning arc but also the ability to go beyond the set deliverables of a course. This focus is one of the most enviable attribute of IIM Kashipur. Boasting a range of cultural events that spur engagement, competition and overall development, the Cultural Committee is forged in this very vein.
The events hosted are as diverse as the people found within these hallowed walls are. Right from the various cultural get-togethers, celebrating different spheres of Indian cultures to the coveted gems of cultural competitiveness such as Kacofonia, a cultural war among sections that ran nearly 14 hours in its year 2016 edition. Also, the culminating pinnacle of extravagance, Agnitraya, that hosts reputed colleges from across the country while at the same time fostering an inimitable festive environment.
In all the Cultural Committee, or CultComm as we call it, acts as the facilitator and catalysts and infuses the campus with fervor and excitement the entire year round.

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