OSM Club (Operations and Supply Chain Management Club)

The Operations and Supply Management (OSM) club at Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur is a student-run professional business club that works in the fields of operations management, production, operation research, supply chain and related areas.
The “OSM Club” associates with numerous elite corporate personalities in the field of Operations to guide the students and make them acquainted with key skills demanded by industry. The club conducts focused weekly interactions on various industries during which the students get an opportunity to explore and share their knowledge about that particular industry from scratch covering important details one would need as the manager. The Industry Week also focuses on various job spheres and profiles offered by that industry.
The club has designed and developed a “Wall”: a platform where students get to update various views, news, concepts, info-graphics and articles related to the latest happenings in the fields of Operations and SCM. The club organizes quizzes, simulation games and case study competitions that invite students from top B-schools around the globe to match their skills and find solutions to some of the most complex business problems today.
 The club acts as a forum for students to gain hands-on experience through numerous research papers and live project initiatives available in more than 180 industries in and around IIM Kashipur.

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