Quest (Quiz Club)

Quest – the quizzing club of IIM Kashipur aims to actively nurture quizzing culture at the institute. The club acts as a forum for the student community to experience the mental gymnastics by nudging their grey cells and thinking out-of-the-box. Moreover, the fun activities conducted by the quiz club provide an essential breather to the students from their rigorous curriculum. Quest organizes Kashipur Quizzing League, Weekender Quizzes, India Quizzes, and social media quizzes, to name a few, on array of topics – business, sports, entertainment, politics, and culture. The flagship event of the club, ‘Rumble In the Jungle', is conducted every year which attracts quizzers from renowned institutions across the country.Traditionally, Quest has shown active participation in national level quizzes like Tata Crucible, Nihilanth (the inter IIT-IIM Quizfest) and other B-school quizzes. Quest endeavours to sustain and build upon these precocious achievements.