OnYourMark, Marketing Club

OYM - the marketing club of IIM Kashipuris aimed at making the lives of the future marketers in the college more interesting by organizing many marketing based events, guest lectures and making them aware about the recent trends in the field. One of our trademark event is based on the concept of 'guerilla marketing' and it goes by the name 'Guerilla Mar-Fair'. The marketing done for the event was such that 'Guerilla' has unofficially become the brand mascot for OYM. The other events we conduct includes, Marquiz, Marketing Summit, Mark'O'Scope and Rann-neeti. Our Flagship event is named as 'Markaholic' - a PAN India case study competition. Apart from the above mentioned events we host the Marketing Summit as a part of Coalescence where we have esteemed guests from the marketing field to share their live experiences from the field.

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