HRythm (HR Club)

"Hrhythm - The HR club of IIM Kashipur"strives to encourage students to learn the dynamics of an organisation to be better prepared at dealing with the uncertainties and contribute for the collective growth of an organisation.
The HR club is working closely with the industry to get the students acquainted with the best practices prevalent in the HR domain and the changes that the companies are witnessing. Our objective is to make students understand the most critical aspect of any organisation – ‘The people’ and give them adequate opportunities through events and activities to be better at working in a team. HR Club is dedicated to foster an environment of continuous learning and improvement.
Our HR mantra is – To have caring people, connected people and passionate people who act like they own the place.
Some of the events that we organise to achieve the stated objectives are –

  • "Samanvaya: The annual HR Meet" – This is our flagship event where we invite HR leaders of leading organizations to share their insights with the students. The interactions that unfold are undoubtedly thought provoking and enriching. The sole objective of this event is to strengthen the industry academia collaboration.
  • "Pragyan: Pan India case study competition" – We invite top business schools of the nation to come together and solve real HR problems concerning an organization. This gives the participants and audience an understanding of how to critically analyze a problem and work out a solution.


Leaders speak - @ Coalescence 2016
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