Welcome to Alumni Relations Committee

With the intent of connecting the students & ex-students of our institute spread across different batches, chapters and locations, the Alumni Relations Committee (ARC) of IIM Kashipur was established in 2013, after the convocation of our very first batch!

With the formation of IIM Kashipur Alumni Relations Committee, we have introduced a platform for the alumni to inform, interact and get involved in the events and happenings that are taking place at our institute.

Through this page, we wish to strengthen the relationships between alumni, students, faculty, and staff by spreading awareness and encouraged participation in the affairs of the institute. By engaging alumni, we wish to enhance communication, involvement, and support for one of the youngest IIM, while providing a mutually beneficial relationship with the alumni.

Under the chairpersonship and mentoring of Prof. Kumkum Bharti, members of the Alumni Relations Committee aim to maintain close ties with the alumni of the institute, and to promote interaction between alumni and institute on matters of mutual benefit and concern.

Prof. Kumkum Bharti – Chairperson, ARC (Contact No.: +91-8126700140)
Abhishek Nanda: +91-9131460885
Aditya Bansal: +91-9808348352
Joshi Ajay Sunil: +91-9403729222
Kartikey Tiwari: +91-9511582004
Sanjeet Purty: +91-7209169209
Suhail Khan: +91-9716485274