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International Conference on Humanitarian Logistics-ICHL 2013, IIM Raipur

What did I learn while at IIM Kashipur ? : Prof Raturi, University of Cincinnati

What did I learn while at IIM Kashipur?

I have been on a sabbatical at IIM Kashipur and IIM Lucknow since June after 32 years in the US teaching operations, benchmarking, metrics and continuous improvement. I thank Dr. Devi Singh, Dr. Gautum Sinha and all the wonderful colleagues and students at both institutions that made this trip memorable. As I reflect on the last five beautiful months in India, a swarm of emotion deny me rational thought. But as they say back home in Cincinnati: What the heck! So here is my Rs 1.21 (two cents and depreciating) worth.

International Exchange with EM Normandie, France

IIM Kashipur reinforces its relations with EM Normandie, France

IIM Kashipur Reinforces its cooperative relations with Ecole de Management de Normandie (EM Normandie), Caen, Le Havre, Deauville, France, so as to further develop academic and cultural interchanges between the two institutions through mutual assistance in the areas of education and research. Both the institutions, in a Memorandum of Understanding, decided to:

Digi-Go - Are we on the Verge of a Digital Revolution in Marketing

Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur conducted its first digital marketing event- Digi-Go which was the first of its kind for the institute in the domain of marketing.

IIM Kashipur Joins NIT Silchar to Promote Grassroots Innovation in India

Development paradigm in India is increasing focusing on social exclusion and poverty alleviation and making them the focus of its development strategies. In spite of a large number of innovation coming out of grassroots communities, academic institutions, research centers and industries these knowledge resources are not adequately documented, disseminated, managed and scaled up to the extent that these ultimately benefit the poorest of the poor in our society.