Research Themes
  • Economic Sustainability - In the realm of economic sustainability, the Centre would focus on productivity, incomes and employment both in organized as well development sector. Evidently, in the organized sector, the focus could be on such aspects as the viability of (many) firms after the withdrawal of financial incentives and the resultant impact on employment. In the development sector, the Centre could focus on livelihood triad (livelihood financial services, Ag-BDS including market linkages, and institutional development).

  • Environmental Sustainability - The devastation of Uttarakhand in 2013 was nothing short of ecological and environmental disaster. While it is not in the Centre’s domain to address technical issues related therein, the Centre can bring its management and organizing perspectives in establishing, say, an ecosystem for renewable resources based energy generation in Uttarakhand

  • Social Sustainability - Public health (PH) and education are the foundational pillars for equitable and sustainable social and economic growth. The Centre’s scope of work in this regard could be in (a) determining when education and health impact on development and when they do not; and (b) devising interventions that bring significant change on the ground, impacting on the lives of many and also thereby provide learning opportunities for replication and improvement.