• Guest Lectures
  • Dr. Richard Vlosky - Professor and Director of Louisiana Forest Products Development Center and Crosby Land and Resources Professor in Forest Sector Business Development at Louisiana State University, Dr. Richard Vlosky gave a lecture on Forest Management and Research to the students of IIM Kashipur.

  • Mr. Vijay Mahajan, Founder, Basix - Stressing on the needs to align the future leaders with the challenging and precarious situation of inequitable distribution of resources, Mr. Vijay Mahajan, Founder, BASIX, beautifully presented his argument to drive home his point that there is nothing called ‘Free Lunch’ in society. Creating a quick rapport with the students with his unique and friendly style, he presented an incisive analysis on cost-benefit ratio and how it affects different hues of society. Urging the students to take into account the human dimensions in decision makings, he finally ended the session with an ‘outlook’ exercise which encapsulated the theme of the session.

  • Round Table Discussions
  • Dr. RajatPanwar, Assistant Professor and Chapple Chair of Sustainability, Nortland College, USA visited IIM Kashipur campus and held a meeting with Centre members and discussed various areas of collaboration especially in the areas of CSR and Forest Resource Management.