Elective Courses

The CoE-Sustainable Development also offers interdisciplinary and perspective building elective courses for the post-graduate programme in management:

  • ICTs and Development (Course Instructor: Maitrayee Mukerji) ICTs for Development refers to the trend in development thinking and practice that considers deployment of new technologies such as computer, mobile phones and the Internet, as important for spurring economic growth, enabling good governance and facilitating human development. More often than not the envisaged potential for transformation thru the deployment of ICTs does not translate to expected outcomes or impact. This course on ICTs and Development is a perspective building course seeking to introduce the debates on the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in India and other developing countries. The course will provide an opportunity to examine and reflect on issues like technology related policy, technology appropriateness, social and digital inclusion etc.
  • Social Enterprises and Value Creation at the BoP (Course Instructors: Maitrayee Mukerji and Manab Chakraborty) The term Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) refers to the segment of the population living on less than $2 per day. Often put forth in the context of multinational and transnational companies, BoP strategies refer to making and marketing of products and services to such groups. Over the years, there has been an evolution in the term BoP from “bottom-of-the pyramid” to the “base-of-the-pyramid”, from people as only consumers to people as producers, and shift in focus from only corporate to other forms of organizations working on market based approaches to provide services and products. This perspective building course will introduce the landscape of social enterprises in India, explore the basic premises put forth in the BoP paradigm and look at how value is created, and delivered to people by different kinds of social enterprises. It will also dwell with the practical aspects of starting and running a social enterprise.
  • Strategic Issues in Third Sector Organizations (Course Instructor: Maitrayee Mukerji) The term Third Sector included the whole gamut of non-business organizations that provide support and services in areas like health, education, micro-finance etc. The category includes Non-Profit / Non-Governmental Organizations (NPOs/NGOs), community and/ or member based organizations (cooperatives/producer companies), voluntary organizations, social enterprises etc. The course seeks to familiarize the students with the particular domain and also to demonstrate the application of mainstream management practice to organizations in this sector.