India’s Cyber Security: Policy and Legal Perspectives in Cyberspace Management

Management of information and communication technology (ICT) based communication systems, especially with the advent of web-based platforms like social media and micro-blogs, has come to the center of attention in the recent years. The fact that any information can be instantly disseminated to tens of thousands of people, and further have the same information spread exponentially by them, makes digital media a very powerful tool. Hence, governments, corporate houses and the academia are expressing the need for an well-grounded research study in this area that can offer strategic, tactical assistance and recommendations covering the domains of Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Media Management. 
With this in mind, Center’s visiting scholar and country’s prominent cyber security expert Mr Subimal Bhattacherjee has undertaken this study in collaboration with the internal faculty at IIM Kashipur, on India’s Cyberspace Security, Social Network Monitoring, Government Communication and Public Relation issues. The report of the study will be present in coming months to the Government of India and other stakeholders.