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Research Themes

The CoC is working to identify themes for research in the area of Competitiveness, Competition and Innovation. The indicative areas of research are as follows –

1) Competitiveness and Economic Development
a) Competitiveness and Business Strategy
b) Measuring Competitiveness
c) Creating Sustainable Competitive Advantage
d) Competitive Eco-systems
e) National and State Competitiveness
2) Competitiveness, Competition and Theory of the Firm
a) Structure, Conduct and Performance of the firms
b) Competition and Regulation- Mitigating Market failures
c) Competitive Regulation – Understanding Competition Law
d) Regulation as proxy to Competition
e) Role of Mergers and Acquisitions, Takeovers in competitive market structure
f) Competition Policy
3) Competitiveness, Productivity and Innovation
a) Competitiveness and Productivity
b) Competitiveness, Technology and Innovation
c) Competitive Benchmarking
d) Competitiveness and Enterprise Cost Optimization
e) Economics of location