About us

Based at the Indian Institute of Management Kashipur, India, the Center of Excellence on Competitiveness ("CoEC") will be dedicated to the study of competitiveness of businesses with emphasis on the theory and practice of competition, competition regulation and innovation for sustained economic development in an increasingly integrated world. The Center recognizes the competitiveness as a trans-disciplinary field encompassing economics, finance, strategy, law and business operations and social sciences.

The CoEC at IIM Kashipur will aim to create and disseminate knowledge related to competitiveness, the dimensions of competitiveness and its inter-linkages with the structure, conduct and performance of firms in particular and its impact on society and national welfare in general. It also aims to act as catalyst in the distribution and application of the latest knowledge in the field by aiming to develop a network of think tanks, business executives, researchers, educationists, policy makers, corporate managers across business, government and non-governmental organizations and Institutions.