Accounting & Finance
  • Finance and Accounting Area:

Finance is the lifeblood and nerve centre of a business; all the corporate activities have financial implications and their final contribution is also evaluated in financial terms. Finance, as an academic discipline, deals with management of financial functions in an organisation on the one hand and also covers the wider markets and participating institutions which provide different services to organisation helpful in discharging their financial functions, on the other hand.

  • Focus Areas:

Finance and Accounting Area at IIM Kashipur in Research, Teaching and Training activities is mainly focusing on following aspects:

  • Accounting and Control for Corporate Efficiency
  • Applied Corporate Finance
  • Asset Pricing and Behaviour of Financial Markets
  • Management of Financial Institutions and Risk Management
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Career Options:

Finance provides a wide range of career option. The major areas, where participants with Finance Concentration can look for their prospective career include:

  • - Corporate Finance
  • - Commercial Banking
  • - Investment Banking
    • Financial analyst
    • Traders
    • Quantitative Analysts (Quants)
    • Market Managers
    • Portfolio Managers
  • - Private Equity and Venture Capital
  • - Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds
  • - Financial Planning and Wealth Management
  • - Insurance
  • - Stock Broking, Commodity Trading, Real Estate etc.