Assistant Professor Human Resource & Organizational Behavior +91-7900444090 (Ext. 208)

Dr. Devjani Chatterjee holds a PHD in the Organizational Behavior area from Industrial and Management Engineering Department of IIT Kanpur. She completed her Master degree in Commerce from the University of Calcutta and received a First class in the same. Dr. Chatterjee has many international journal publications, books and book chapters to credit and also presented papers in reputed national and international conferences across the world. She worked as a faculty in the OB area in IMI Kolkata before joining IIM Kashipur. Dr.Chatterjee also worked on innovation mapping as a researcher at Commonwealth Business Council in London, UK. Her current research interests are in the area of organizational change management, behaviour of e-consumers and women empowerment. She also has interests in the area of organizational culture and designing, and has many papers and researches in these areas.

She serves as a reviewer of many international journals of reputed publication houses and is also the Editor of the journal "Journal of Open Innovation Technology, Market & Complexity", a Springer publication. She held many administrative posts like Library Chairperson, Research Committee Member, Seminar Co-ordinator, FM Convenor, HR Club Mentor and others at IMI Kolkata. She is the vice president of the prestigious Society of Open Innovation Technology, Market & Complexity.

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