Assistant Professor Human Resource & Organizational Behavior +91-7900444090 av.raman@iimkashipur.ac.in

I earned my PhD in the Sociology of work, organisations and Industrial Relations from the University of Warwick, Coventry UK in 2013. I have an MPhil degree in Sociology with a distinction and a First Class MA respectively from the University of Hyderabad India, before my PhD. Subsequent to the award of my PhD I have since taught in XLRI and have joined IIM Kashipur this June. 
My current areas of academic interest are Trade Unions and Employee-Employer relations drawing upon the ethnographic tradition of field research in Industrial Relations, Labour Process theory and Evaluating Change Management and their outcomes especially when templates of work and HRM practices are implemented in other cultural contexts,
Building upon my longstanding interest in Wittgenstein and philosophy of language meaning and understanding and Critical management studies I also work on Managerial Subjectivity, contingency, Organisational Ambiguity and Power more so against the background of the fluidity of organisational forms processes and management in the post-industrial workplace, Language and organisational meaning and managerial repertories, sense making especially in a transitional HRM context such as India.
With regard to teaching, I have taught a wide constituency of students from the doctoral level to practising managers. The courses taught by my range from Industrial Relations and labour laws at the doctoral and PG level, Power and Organisational Ambiguity and dynamics at the doctoral level, Qualitative research including its theoretical grounding at the doctoral level, to Principles of HRM at the post-graduate level.

“Evaluating Change Management in an Indian Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing firm", has been accepted for publication in the (Vol. 40, No.1&2) January issue of Management and Labour Studies 2015 
Book Chapter -Workers response to the restructuring of the Labour Process in a commercial vehicle plant Book Chapter- In Globalisation and Labour Dynamics of Globalization and Industrial Relations in India editedbyK.R. Shyam Sundar 2016 l 448 pp. l 8v ISBN 978-93-81144-51-0 (Hardbound) A festschrift to Professor Venkataratnam, Daanish Publishers -Scholars without borders, New Delhi 
"Change Management, A Management Fad or an enduring Transformation? Case Study, XLRI Case Study Repository 2015. 
Changing Workforce and Transforming Industrial Relations Scenario a Commentary on the 6th National Industrial Relations Conference of XLRI, Xavier School of Management, Management and Labour Studies May 2014 vol. 39 no. 2, pp 219-228 

Book Review Published 
Japanese Work Places in Transitions - Hendrik Meyer-Ohle, Work Employment and Society Sage UK, Volume 24, Number 4, [822, 2010]
Conference Volume with an ISBN number- August 2014 JNTU International conference in IR-Language and Managers in India.

Peer Reviewed Conference Presentations—
April 2016—Language Meaning and Managerial Sense-making International Labour Process Conference, WZB Berlin 2016
January 2016-AMRC Conference Dubai organised by the University of Wollongong Dubai and IIMB and other partnering universities -Managerial Sense-making and the Indian Context.
December 2015-XIMB Bhubaneshwar India Conference in Industrial Relations-- Managerial Sense-making, HRM and the Indian Context.
April 2012 - British Sociological Association Annual Conference- Leeds, UK, Sociology in a time of Austerity. My paper was entitled Middle Managers’ Response to Change Management: Inventory Reorganisation in Southern India. 
March 2012 - International Labour Process Conference - University of Stockholm- The title of the conference was Lean Manufacturing: The Labour Process and The Future and Uddevalla Revisited. My paper was: Organisational Behaviour and Pathways in Corporate Strategy - A Case Study of Inventory Management in A Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing Firm in Southern India. 
April 2010 - British Industrial Relations Annual Conference Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University Wales, UK. My paper was entitled Change Management and Corporate Strategy, Their Implementation by Senior Level Management. 
October 2009- Leeds University Business School, UK. Critical Realism in Action Seminar Series- Lean Manufacturing and Critical Realism. This was a one-day workshop, and my paper was entitled Understanding Corporate Change Management Strategies Through a Critical Realist Lens.

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