Akshay Tandon

Batch 2011-13 (Senior Consultant at PwC)

IIM Kashipur, being a new IIM, gave me a lot of opportunities to explore and start new ventures on the campus thereby instilling an entrepreneurial perspective to my way of performing tasks at hand.

Ankit Garg

Batch 2011-13 (Brand Manager at GSK Healthcare)

My two years at IIM Kashipur was one of the toughest yet one of the best times of my life. These two years formed a strong base for my career; a base which was built on the foundation of business concepts, state of the art practices and business ethics. The curriculum, live projects, presentations, B-School competitions, sports (& occasional parties) led to overall development and taught me two key lessons - Time Management and Prioritization, which is coming very handy in corporate life. With the pressure of being part of the pioneer batch - IIM Kashipur inculcated in all of us a culture of perseverance which speaks for itself.

Avinash Devulapalli

Batch 2012-14 (Senior Management Consultant at Zinnov Management Consulting)

Today's dynamically transforming business environment needs industry ready resources who are willing to enter uncharted territories and fetch expected results, which is what IIM Kashipur can offer. The rigour in academics bundled with industrial exposure and plethora of opportunities presented by the institute in extracurricular and co-curricular areas nurtures the professional entrepreneur in students and creates socially responsible leaders which the industry and in turn the country today seeks.

Siddhartha D Wanjari

Batch 2013-15 (Credit Risk Analyst at Credit Suisse)

Courses offered at IIM Kashipur, most importantly the rigour involved in each of them, are tailored to groom the individual and develop an in-depth knowledge of the specific field pertaining to the subject. This is greatly helpful in the industry as it gives you an edge over your competitors- you stand ou in the crowd.

Karthik Chandra Akula

Batch 2013-15 (Assistant Manager, Business Planning and Analysis at Sharaf DG LLC, Dubai)

IIM Kashipur through its challenging academic rigor and equally enriching campus life provided me ample opportunity to gain requisite knowledge and relevant life skills. Learning through doing is a way of life at IIM Kashipur. Maintaining a clarity within chaos, prioritizing tasks at hand, leveraging teamwork, and respecting the deadlines are a few key learnings IIM Kashipur imbibed in me. I'll forever be grateful to my alma mater for my successful international career.

Ashwin Murali

Batch 2013-15 (Manager, Corporate Strategy at Indofil Industries Ltd., Mumbai)

IIM Kashipur instilled a sense of data-oriented approach to solving problems and an analytical mindset in me. This has come in handy in my current role where data analysis is one of the buzzwords thrown about when we approach any business challenges. The rigour that we were exposed to at IIM Kashipur where we juggled our regular academic activities with extra-curricular and co-curricular activities in various interest-based and academic clubs and committees, has made it easier for me to handle the rigour and expectations of the corporate world.

Shashank Shekar

Batch 2012-14 (Sr. Manager- Product at RBL bank)

The biggest advantage of joining a new IIM is that it brings out the entrepreneur in you. Every batch that has joined IIM Kashipur has added something new to the Institute and has become an entrepreneur in the process. There is always so much going on and yet there is so much new that one can do. Life at IIM Kashipur is like watching Fast and Furious at 2X speed. You rush through it while having a lot of fun and when it’s over it leaves you with a memorable experience.

Manish Jagrna

Batch 2014-15 (Business Head)

The Salubrious Himalayan terrain and Industrial belt of Rudrapur is an elusive learning environment which has greatly helped to create a keen interest to learn management practices. The perfect combination of academics, industrial exposure, extra-curricular activities and opportunities to take national level initiatives have greatly helped me to execute an international career with excellence.